MAMU 3-Pack: Santo, El Momento, Los Chamacos


Introducing our Coffee Exploration Pack - a trio of meticulously crafted whole bean coffees that take you on a journey through the vibrant flavors of South and Central America.


BRAZIL | DARK ROAST; ESPRESSO Indulge in the bold essence of our Brazil Dark Roast Espresso. Roasted to perfection, it unveils a symphony of deep Browning Sugar notes intertwining seamlessly with rich 92% Cacao and Roasted Hazelnuts. Prepare for a delightful finale as bright Clemintine Acidity dances on your palate.


NICARAGUA | MEDIUM ROAST Experience the allure of our Nicaragua Medium Roast, a coffee that captivates from the first sip. Delicately medium-roasted, it offers a harmonious blend of earthy sweetness, featuring notes of Dried Dates, Cherimoya, and Blood Orange. Conclude your journey with the lingering taste of chocolate-covered almonds.


MEXICO | LIGHT ROAST Elevate your mornings with our Mexico Light Roast, a true embodiment of sweetness in every cup. Carefully light-roasted, it reveals the delightful essence of Granny Smith Apples and Coffee Blossom, accentuated by a velvety 72% Cacao. Prepare for a refreshing finale with a burst of bright Passion Fruit acidity.